Our properties

Currently, Kuta a.s. is owner of these properties

  • Hotel Beseda

    Gregor's street number 32, Netolice
    The building is registered in the Central list of cultural monuments of the Czech Republic under the registration number 6225th hotel consists of three interconnected buildings inside layout. In the late 19th century and especially in I.pol. 20th century a city Beseda as a social and cultural center Netolice. At the present time, an extensive reconstruction in order to re-open operation (restaurant, pub, cafe-patisserie, accommodation, etc.). On the building has been made complete replacement of roofing, windows, facade repair etc. All works are carried out with respect for historical values.

  • Petrův Dvůr

    former brewery, Netolice
    Economic court of Petrův Dvůr in Netolice is a remarkably well-preserved example of aristocratic management group. The whole area is also an important landscape and urban landmark and is registered in the Central list of cultural monuments of the Czech Republic under the registration number 3708th The first written records date back to the year 1378. In the years 1592-1600 he gave Petr Vok of Rožumberk at this point to build a large courtyard. This served as the economic base of the castle pastime. During the subsequent period, a gradual rebuilding (construction activity Baroque, Renaissance classicism). Schwarzenberg were the owners until the 20s of the 20th century. At present, the object is included in the Programme preservation of architectural heritage in 2015. Due to the extensive devastation of buildings, carried out by the owner KUTA inc. individual objects roof repairs, roof trusses, etc. static security.

Mineral springs Kysybelka


VCH 1 near Velké Chvalovice
According to historical sources indicate that in search of water for factory use Pečecké sugar refinery, was here in 1912, found at a depth of 87 m mineral water. It was subsequently commissioned bottling of mineral water called. Pečecké Kysybelka. Probably in the postwar period was liquidated bottlers, the devastation of the entire system, and temporary abandonment sources of mineral water. In 1966, the newly arranged around the hole and then again deteriorated. Currently on a plot of 1,200 m2 located hydrogeological borehole with mineral water "Kysybelka". In 2014 we ran successfully complete cleaning and opening the borehole. Work to ensure professional company INGES, collecting the mineral water was subjected to analysis and the other intent on the whole borehole is.